The Importance of an Auto Locksmith

When you find yourself accidentally locked out of your car with the keys still inside, an experienced auto locksmith is an invaluable person to have at hand. Today cars are manufactured in an intelligent manner, making it difficult to force them open. Chances are that a person will end up damaging the car when attempting to open it with force.

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Therefore, the only way to open a vehicle without causing damage is to seek the services of a locksmith. Apart from being able to get us out of any sticky roadside situation any time during day or night, locksmiths also offer other car related services. These services include;

  • Car Key replacement
  • Duplication of car keys
  • Transponder key chip programming
  • Emergency trunk opening
  • Replacement and duplication of ignition keys
  • Extraction of stuck ignition and car keys
  • Retrieving lock key pad combinations
  • Repair of damaged steering column  and ignition

To ensure that your car is in safe hands, make sure that your locksmith of choice meets the following criteria.

Legally Certified

It is always wise to check out the credentials of a car locksmith. Before being certified, locksmiths undertake an exam that thoroughly tests their skills.

Experience with Vehicles

An inexperienced locksmith can damage your car in the process of trying to open it. It is therefore prudent to choose an automobile locksmith that has experience with opening vehicles.

Quick Response Time

Any qualified and competent car locksmith should be able to reach you in the shortest time possible. Most automotive locksmith companies offer mobile services to enhance the speed at which they respond to calls.

Has To Be Insured

It is very important to make sure that your locksmith of choice is insured. Insurance is a fundamental factor because, should the auto locksmith inflict damage to the car, his insurance will pay for repairs.

Proffesional Locksmithing

Whether it is a science or an art, it is what we all need to cajole a stubborn lock. Locksmiths know the locks better than engineers who build them.

Locksmithing in the world


Most of the developed countries have strict laws guiding the profession of locksmithing.  Locksmiths have to receive proper training and qualification to register their practicing status and before they can advertise and offer their services for the general public.

The laws in the United States

Within US, states have different laws to guide the services of locksmiths. The possession of lock picking tools is generally considered a felony equivalent to possessing illegal weapons used for breaking in for burglary. It is also prosecuted in much the similar manner unless the person could produce a proper and authentic certification to prove that he is a licensed locksmith.

In some of the states, it is treated as absolutely illegal and equivalent to proof of criminal intent if found without necessary legal documentation with a person.

Similarly, it is unlawful to provide the lock picking tool to someone who does not need them by profession.

These laws have been made to ensure the safety and also to sanctify the critical profession that locksmithing is.

The education:

The institutions that provide the vocational training in this profession have designed comprehensive courses that distinguish between levels between beginner, intermediate and highly expert lock picking.

They are taught advanced skills to understand types of locks and the methods of picking them. Restricted possession of specialized tools by license also describes the level of intricacy of this education.

More complex lock picking requires more advanced certifications and likewise it ultimately pays off better too.

Thus, it is a very lucrative profession if pursued with inclination because until the key exist, we all need a locksmith’s number next to our emergency contacts lists.

Good luck!

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